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ParentUp is a place where parents learn essential skills to be brilliant parents. Offering Online Courses, Coaching Services and Parenting Talks
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Do you sometimes doubt yourself as an effective parent? Do you become concerned that your choices may have a negative long-term impact on your child? Do you wonder if what your parents did that worked with you will be effective when parenting your children? Are you looking for a tool to parent in the constantly changing world?
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The biggest parenting paradox

Are you trained for the most important job in your life?

The Parenting Transformation Process

Become totally self-aware of who you are as a parent. Change your unhelpful, limiting beliefs and behaviours. Acquire and practice fundamental parenting skills. AWAKEN - TRANSFORM - MASTER

My Story

ParentUp is my first step in helping to raising a healthier generation for the future…

I am Galina - the founder of ParentUp. When I became a parent, I had no idea what I was supposed to do and how I was supposed to parent. I naturally started remembering how my mum raised me and tried a few things out. It didn't feel right, something was really off that did not agree with me.
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Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, a world famous coach and author of the New York Times bestseller “If Life is a Game, These are the Rules” and parenting book " The Gift of Motherhood".

I collaborate very often with Dr. Cherie in the effort of raising a new generation of coaches and new species of parents.

What Parents Say About ParentUp

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A perfect balance of theory and hands-on


The 7 parenting tools to develop emotional literacy course gave me significant awareness and practical tools to better help me interact with my kid and manage his emotions. A perfect balance of theory and hands-on content, very easy to understand and super useful to improve my mother skills. Thank you Galina for sharing your expertise and looking forward to put those tools in practice!

Just Brilliant


I highly recommend you signing up with Parents Up to learn to new ways of communicating with your children and understanding what they feel. Videos are short and very easy to understand. You can apply easily the tips your daily life with your kids.

Super Practical


Straight to the point, relevant, easy to understand, with good practical examples and tools for you to take away and put it in practice.

This was all new to me!


Galina presents approaches which help parents to strengthen their ability to deal with their children's emotion. She brings up ideas, which were all new to me (though I am reading a lot about this topic a lot) and gave me some hints on what I haven't  considered before, which is a great value to me!!

An eye-opener


An eye-opener. Act on yourself before you act on your kids. Thanks to Galina for opening the "parenting" door to knowledge.